Song Library

This is the collection of audio and video from Sweet Georgia Sound performances, organized by song title.  Since we may have performed many of the song multiple times, we may have several entries.  Since they are all from live performances, each will have their own sound.

This lists only songs which Sweet Georgia Sound has recorded in audio or video.  It is not the complete list of music which Sweet Georgia Sound performs.  Please contact band leader Mike LaRoche for the current list of music available for performance.

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Today we congratulate Melanie Willetts who is graduating from Lee University today with a MA in Ministry Studies. Yes, “Graduation’s almost here, my love” congratulations Melanie, we love you and are there with you in spirit. Video by Jim Good

From November 2012, Sweet Georgia Sound performs “Tequila” featuring Raymond Farley on tenor saxophone. Video by Jim Good.

From the June 2013 Big Band Day at The Chattanooga Market. The saxophone section is featured on ‘That’s All’. Once again thanks to Jim Good for this and all the other videos.

From Big Band Day at the Chattanooga Market June 2013, Greg Glover sings and directs Sweet Georgia Sound performing That’s Life. Video by our friend Jim Good.