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Nov 10

God Bless the USA – Greg Glover

For this Veterans Day weekend here’s Greg Glover and Sweet Georgia Sound performing God Bless The USA from the June 2013 big band day at The Chattanooga Market. Another video from our friend Jim Good.

Oct 02

That’s Life – Greg Glover

From Big Band Day at the Chattanooga Market June 2013, Greg Glover sings and directs Sweet Georgia Sound performing That’s Life. Video by our friend Jim Good.

Sep 29

Just the Way You Are – Greg Glover

From the June 2013 Big Band Swingfest at The Chattanooga Market, Greg Glover performs “Just The Way You Are”. Ray Park on a great alto saxophone solo. Video from Jim Good

Sep 14

Jump, Jive and Wail – Greg Glover

From The Hamilton County Courthouse Centennial Celebration on June 29,2013 Greg sings Jump, Jive, and Wail. JJ Jackson on alto saxophone and Stephen Bearden with a trumpet solo so good that both Greg and Mike were hypnotized and almost missed bringing the vocal back in.

Aug 31

Rocky Top – Sweet Georgia Sound lead by Greg Glover

As many of you know Greg Glover is not only a former UT drum major he is also the current voice of “The University of Tennessee Priiiiiiide of the Southland Marching Band”. In honor of the beginning of college football season and the UT opener today here is Sweet Georgia Sound performing Rocky Top under the direction of Greg at the Hamilton County Courthouse Centennial 6/29/2013.

Aug 24

Come Fly With Me – Greg Glover

In this video from The Hamilton County Courthouse Centennial Celebration on June 29,2013 Greg Glover takes us down to llama land where a one-man band will toot his flute for you.